About Us

Spiro Akl

Producer / Host

Meet Spiro!

A passionate tech lover with an addiction to everything multimedia and an enthusiasm for technology and its use in our every day life. He loves listening to podcasts while on the road going to work and appreciates inventions and innovation.

“Dreams are only as far as you want them to be!”

Pamela Abdelhak


Meet Pamela!

When it comes to music, Pamela is your go-to person.
She’s an amazing singer with a unique and powerful voice that can lift you up when you’re feeling blue! 🙂

Charbel Rahme


Meet Charbel!

The author of the first Arabic novel written in Lebanese spoken language “Makhba Al Amar” (Moon’s Hiding). “I am a movie addict”, he admits, “and I find a one of a kind pleasure in writing”.

Yara Kawas


Meet Yara!

A passionate energetic free spirit that has a thing for cats! And no she’s not a crazy cat lady! Yara loves disruptive tech and recently found her passion as a social media analyst

Joshua Daccach


Meet Joshua!

This guy is all about adventures and wandering around the world.
He’s into sports, he loves music and appreciates knowledge.

If you’re lucky enough to bump into him, he’ll be busy discovering some new places, or meeting with new people, or trying a new language.

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